12. November 2021






We are passionate about awesome teams. You too?

On the TeamBoostDay experts will share their knowledge on how you as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach and organizational developer can help your teams to grow beyond themselves. In a virtual conference setting, we offer an attractive format consisting of an inspiring key note and practice-oriented workshops. Networking is an important part of the conference and is actively encouraged.


Are you wondering:

  • "How can I make communication in the team more genuine and faster?"

  • "How do we solve conflicts within the team?"

  • "How do team members take more responsibility?"

  • "How do we give feedback in a way that encourages learning?"

  • "How do we create a space of trust in our team?"

Then TeamBoostDay is the right conference for you!


Share your passion for great teams with like-minded people


Discover inspiring practices and tools


Enhance your workplace with fresh ideas and concrete instruments


Here you will find the agenda for TeamBoostDay 2021! Stay tuned!


Keynote Beyond Leadership

Matthias Mölleney

For many years we have been looking for something that guarantees to make teams work together sustainably and well-functioning. With «Beyond Leadership» we have found a vehicle that brings amazing results and works just as amazingly simple. And good news for all those who find it difficult to enjoy running over glowing coals with the other team members or to abseil on a rock face: all this is no longer necessary, because with the Beyond Leadership method you don't have to move out of your comfort zone physically, but only mentally.

The keynote takes a look at today’s environment in which we need teams that have as much trust in each other as the members of an aerobatic squadron, on the one hand, and work together as selfreliantly as the founders of a promising start-up, on the other. Work and the workplace are experiencing one of the most fundamental changes since the Industrial Revolution. The visible aspect of this transformation is the digitalization allowing completely new technical opportunities for communication and collaboration. Less visible, but just as important are the new structures and processes being created that require a new understanding of leadership.

Traditional management methods rely heavily on clear reporting lines and the physical presence of the managers and the managed. Modern organizations, however, are saying farewell to hierarchical structures and are instead relying on agile networks. And other concepts are needed for effective leadership in such organizations. Consequently, there has been a significant shift in leadership research in recent years from the vertical relationship between superiors and employees (leadership) to a more horizontal concept of collaboration (followership) and have begun to develop new concepts for this.




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Dr. Denniz Dönmez

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Denniz is an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach. After having concluded his PhD research on agile teams, he has been employing his knowledge and experience in many teams and organizations in different industries. He has helped teams and organizations on business agility, agile transformation and DevOps topics. In his work, Denniz focusses on the creation of enabling structures for alignment, self-organization, and high performance in agile teams and organizations. For more details visit enablingstructures.com.

Bernhard Reingruber

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Bernhard stands for a world without bullshit in which being professional and being vulnerably courageous do not shamefully contradict each other, but form a springboard for truly effective change. He is a Leadership Trainer & Consultant, Radical Honesty Trainer-in-Training and holds a Masters in Strategy and Innovation Management. His main focus is on the connection between Radical Honesty in the workplace, mindfulness and Conscious & Adaptive Leadership. To merge all of this under one roof he has started the Honestlead Institute where he offers workshops and programs for open-minded change makers and those who want to become one.

Oli Müller

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"Practise what you preach" is Oliver's motto. At euforia he designs experience-based workshops on the topic of "New Ways of Working". euforia works as a circle organisation and shapes its own development according to meaning, values and with a self-invented Wholebeing mix. Oliver Müller studied journalism, has a Master in Marketing Management, is a Scrum Master as well as adult educator SVEB and has deepened his knowledge in methods such as Radical Collaboration, Theory U and Sociocracy.

Matthias Mölleney

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After 20 years at Lufthansa, the last 8 of them at the top management level, Matthias Mölleney moved to Switzerland in 1998. There he was a member of the Group Executive Board and Head of Human Re-sources of Swissair, Centerpulse and Unaxis.

In 2005, he founded the consulting firm peopleXpert gmbh in Uster. He advises and accompanies companies and managers in change situations and in challenges of leadership and professional human resources management.

Since 2009, he is also head of the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich, and teaches at other national and international universities and is the author of the books "Die Zukunft möglich machen" (Huber Verlag, Frauenfeld, 2003), "Transformational HRM" (SKV Verlag, 2018) and "Beyond Leadership" (SKV Verlag, 2019) as well as numerous publications in the field of leadership, people management and change management.

Matthias Mölleney is a director at the international think tank "The Future Work Forum" and a member of various foundations and boards of directors.

Sascha Demarmels

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Sascha is communication coach and supports teams as well as leaders to get the best out of their collaboration. She is trainer and speaker at international conferences. With Kommunikation 3.0 she focuses on conflicts, diversity and context adequate interactions in work-related communication, especially in self-organized teams. Sascha holds a PhD in linguistics and is experienced in working with divers groups from different industries.

Rafael Huber

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For Rafael, “leading in a team” means everyone and everyone bears responsibility. Everyone is part of the solution, because otherwise all wouldn’t be needed. Precisely because not everyone has the same strengths, appreciation and equality are so central. For the well-being, yes. But also for team performance! Rafael (37) is a father and husband as well as a PhD in Economic Psychology and Decision Neuroscience. He sees himself as an agile thinker, moderator, trainer and organizational developer. Previous professional positions have taken him from a research lab in the media and entertainment industry to international business consultancy and a position as a lecturer and consultant at a university of applied sciences. His interests are related to various topics concerning human beings in the world of work.

Olga Pardo

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Olga has been working for over 20 years as a coach, organizational consultant and facilitator in the field of science, research, education and technology. After studying psychology, business administration and English language and literature, Olga worked as a research assistant in the analysis and design of work structures with a focus on scope for action and decision-making. After completing her doctorate in work psychology, Olga has supported in her role as personnel and organizational developer numerous specialists and managers as well as teams in change and development processes. Olga is trained in systemic organizational consulting and has deepened her knowledge of agile methods. In her work, she supports teams in dealing productively with conflicts and in jointly shaping the change to agile, self-organized forms of work. She also passes on her experience and knowledge of moderation and facilitation as a lecturer at a university of applied sciences.

Anna Krebs

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Anna Krebs is a Swiss-Finnish facilitator, coach and change agent. She works at the young and innovative organisation called collaboratio helvetica as a Catalyst for Gender Equality and collaborates with several other Swiss organizations as a facilitator. Her work aims at awareness-based transformation and focuses on creative and participatory group processes, inclusion and gender. Anna holds a Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication and is a certified life coach. Her approach is a mix of different methodologies such as Theory U, Art of Hosting and Technology of Participation. Through her work she wants to help create ripples of positive and sustainable change. 

Stefanie Gfeller

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We humans have a natural potential for further development, strength and collaboration. But sometimes blockages, collective assumptions and habits limit this potential. 
In her work, Stefanie creates spaces to grab these frictions as a collective growth opportunity, to train co-leadership, awareness and metaskills, to experiment with holistic forms of collaboration and to develop team resilience. 
She is the founder of the Potenzialagentur, co-founder of Punkt.Null Organisationsentwicklung and the association Radikale Resilienz.  In her work, she enables organisations, teams and individuals to take a fresh look at themselves, their environment and the world and thereby create something new.

Nicole Werner

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Nicole considers herself a passionate explorer and facilitator. In the midst of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), where topics are entangled, linked and interdependent, Nicole is in her element. The doctor of physics, trained organisational developer and certified Scrum Master accompanies executives, teams and organisations on their way to sustainability.

Nicole is the founder of unusMunDus-consult.ch, lecturer for creative leadership in the digital age and facilitation at the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts and at the Institute for Systemic Impulses (isi) in Zurich. She co-initiated the Liberating Structures User Group Zurich and the German-speaking Virtual Liberating Structures User Group.

Jonas Mumenthaler & Marcel Baumgartner

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Marcel and Jonas are researching and developing at the University of Applied Psychology FHNW. Their work focuses on agile organisational structures, agile teamwork and their interrelationships with mental health and performance. For Marcel, as a former management consultant, the practical benefit of his work is a special concern. It is important to Jonas to always consider different perspectives in his work. Both see themselves as practical researchers or researching practitioners - depending on the context in which they work.

Ramona Bischoff

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Dynamically trying to follow her intention, Ramona fights and struggles for a society without egomanias, without injustices, with more connection and solidarity. For this and for her thirst for adventure and curiosity she leaves the silence of the night and sleep behind, as well as for things and people of moving importance. For with people and the profound depths of multi-faceted human existence she has a creative crush. As with the "We" and the "I" and the never ending things in between. For Ramona, aware of the difference between self-exaltation and strength, what counts is the palpable impact of what she does, inside and out. Always preferring the inexorable (in)beautiful truth to the warm and cosy lie, she experiences happiness in the active striving for self-determination and self-efficacy.

Ramona Bischoff is a person in context. Ramona Bischoff is KontextMensch.

Nicolas Bächtold & Yves Ryser

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Nicolas Bächtold and Yves Ryser studied industrial and organisational psychology together at the ZHAW. During a joint stay in Berlin, they came up with the idea of using their hobby improvisational theatre as a method for PE and OE topics. Your varied professional experience as an IT project manager, cook, businessman, carpenter, farmer and butcher allows you to address different stakeholders in a tailored way to ensure the transfer to everyday work. 
They have gained improvisation experience at home and abroad with well-known people such as the founder of modern improvisation theatre Keith Jonstone or the Theatro Dimitri.

Mona Dawood

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Mona is passionate about looking at the world from different perspectives in order to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our environment. Who are we? What are we doing here? Where are we going? These are a few of the important questions that drive Mona in her work and life. She is committed to a sustainable and more humane world, and she believes that we can create such a world through personal development, mindfulness, and a change in mindset, where we cultivate this inner sustainability. In counseling sessions and workshops, Mona accompanies individuals and teams as they take time for the important questions in their lives and make steps towards inner sustainability, wellbeing, and well-doing. She combines the knowledge of her studies in the field of work and organizational psychology with ancient knowledge from various spiritual traditions in order to do so.


Nicole Kopp

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I am enthusiastic about enabling people to work together more successfully in order to bring more meaning, humanity and joy into everyday work.

Thomas Haas

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I help leaders to create wow teams - with dedicated people for better results.

Christian Hofstetter

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As a Coach, Facilitator and Release Train Engineer, I create space for people every day, so that everyone can be their best.



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